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Student Organizations Focus On Inclusion


Sexuality Advocacy For Everyone (SAFE)

Sexuality Advocacy for Everyone is a student organization that provides support for our LGBTQ+ students and allies. They put on fun programming that provides support to our students and awareness on issues related to LGBTQ+ issues.

Students pictured downtown for Welcome Weekend

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union is a student organization that provides support for our African-American students and allies. They engage in regular programming of events that bring awareness to issues that impact the African-American community at Northwood and in the world.

The International Student Organization eating in the Mid-Cafe

International Student Organization

The International Student Organization is a student organization made up of international students as well as American students. Their aim is to support international students in dealing with culture shock and adapting to life in the United States as well as creating fun programming to share their cultures to students across campus.

Diversity and Inclusion Group

DIG – an organization, founded by members of the athletic department, that focuses on creating a more inclusive department. Their goal is to “DIG deeper” into their conversations and relationships so that they can become more understanding and accepting of one another.

They have also created a student-run DIG group to promote the same inclusive environment among student athletes.

X: @DIGDeepTwolves
Instagram: @DIGDeepTwolves

The Diversity and Inclusion Group

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