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Defend Against Hacking. Protect Data. Join the Growing Tech Industry.

Northwood’s program is rare in that it is specially designed for and dedicated to cybersecurity, and not just a conventional Computer Science curriculum with an emphasis on it.

We offer our students full training in information security tactics, equipping them to meet an ever-growing need in the realms of business and Information Technology.

Northwood University provides Information Systems and Cybersecurity students with not only a thorough grounding in the principles of safeguarding digital data, but also a practical skill set immediately applicable in the real world, where companies can no longer afford to ignore cybersecurity threats.

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Student coding on a computer

What You Will Learn

  • Understanding of the infrastructure of Information Technology in businesses
  • Analysis and evaluation of security threats
  • Interactions with data structures and databases
  • Libraries and custom scripts used to test for vulnerabilities
  • Cryptography – how to encrypt sensitive information
  • Implementation of defensive measures and solutions
Two students working on a program for their laptop

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of networking and network security
  • Implement best practices for protecting an organization’s critical information and assets.
  • Perform penetration testing, threat hunting, and system auditing through the use of current methodologies and tools.
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Ethical Hacking

Learn professional tools and software used by top business leaders. Our students participate in ethical hacking that allows students to create the security posture of an organization throughout the project lifecycle.

What Jobs Can You Get with an Information Systems and Cybersecurity Degree?

All employers using computer systems would need some degree of cybersecurity, but especially sectors whose business revolves around collecting and storing personal and/or sensitive data.

  • State and Federal Government
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • E-Commerce/online shopping
  • Financial institutions
  • Computer/electronics companies

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